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What is Raja Yoga – Part 2

Raja Yoga Mathatitu Yogaashram Varkala

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2.Niyama – It is the discipline of the body and the organs of perception or jnanedriyas.

a. Saucha – It is the first step of Niyama. Saucha means purity or cleanliness. By taking bath and proper hygiene both external and internal organs of the body are cleansed and strengthened. Yogis always purify themselves before commencing their prayers and daily activities. Mental cleaning and strengthening of the mind by regular reading, japa and cultivating spiritual mindedness. In recent times, a poor boy was suffering with a chronic nervous disorder. He went to many physicians but none had cured him. At last he decided to go for pilgrimage and one day arrived at Kashi. Continue with reading

What is Raja Yoga – Part 1

Raja Yoga - Mathatitu Yogaashram Varkala

Yoga teaches how to compose yourself and be perfect externally and internally. Yoga involves a harmonious development of the body and mind.

Patanjali Yoga Sutras

According to Sage Patanjali, yoga is the means by which our mind can be made calm and quiet and free from all distractions. His yoga sutras prescribe a graded discipline comprising 8 steps or limbs called ‘Astanga Yoga’. They are : Continue with reading

What is Bhakti Yoga


Bhakti is the constant remembrance of God. Bhakti is intense devotion and supreme attachment to God but not mere worshiping. But if you worship with love towards God, it is bhakti. Bhakti is a sacred higher emotion with sublime sentiments that unites a devotee with the God.

Bhakti is the basis of all religions. Bhakti in the highest manner considered as spontaneous and continuous attraction of the mind to God under all situations. Continue with reading

What is Karma Yoga


The Sanskrit word ‘Kri’ means ‘to do’. The instruments to do any work are the body and mind. When the work is done with dedicated mind, it is yoga hence the name karma yoga.  Karma yoga is not just working or doing but it is done with the right attitude (work for work’s sake). Continue with reading