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What is Bhakti Yoga


Bhakti is the constant remembrance of God. Bhakti is intense devotion and supreme attachment to God but not mere worshiping. But if you worship with love towards God, it is bhakti. Bhakti is a sacred higher emotion with sublime sentiments that unites a devotee with the God.

Bhakti is the basis of all religions. Bhakti in the highest manner considered as spontaneous and continuous attraction of the mind to God under all situations.

The path of bhakti or devotion that leads to yoga or union with God is known as bhakti yoga. Worship of deity and japa or repetition of divine name is the disciplines of bhakti yoga.

Bhakti Yoga is a great science of culturing one’s own mind; it is a powerful tool helpful in instilling such qualities as creating a moral sense and mental peace in children.

Faith on God is not blind belief but it is a strong belief along with trust, by understanding and confidence.

A story demonstrates about faith in oneself; in a village a widow and her son lived in great poverty. When her son was six years of age, he has to be sent to a school which was at far distance from her little hut and the way lay through a forest.On the first day when the boy came back from school he told his mother that he was afraid to pass through the lonely forest.

She thought for few minutes and told her son, “My son, there is nobody to go with you, but if you are ever afraid while passing through the forest, shout for your dada (elder brother) whose name is Gopal and who lives in the forest. He will surely look after you.

“Next day, while passing through the forest, he shouted, “Gopal dada, I am afraid;will you come and take me out of the forest? A boy of twelve years at once came there and said, “Don’t be afraid, my little brother,” and holding the boy’s hand he accompanied him up to the end of the forest. This happened every day for a year.

After some days, the father of the boy’s school master died. The day when the teacher had to perform his father’s ceremony the boys of the school were expected to bring presents of money, sweets and other eatables for the ceremony. The little boy told his mother about the ceremony. The widow replied, “My son, we are very poor. I cannot even pay your school fee nor feed you properly.” Saying this, in her helplessness, she began to weep.

The boy then said, “Mother, I shall ask my Gopal dada to give me something which I shall take to my teacher.” As he went through the forest he met his Gopal dada and asked him to give him something which should serve as a present to his teacher. Gopal dada went inside the forest and came back with a small pot of milk. With this pot the boy went to his teacher’s house but nobody took any notice of him for a long time. He went to his teacher and showed him the pot of milk. One of the teacher’s friends took the pot from his hand, and went near to a bigger pot of milk, he poured out the contents of the pot brought by the boy into it. To his utter surprise he found that the pot remained full of milk even after it had been emptied, he went up to the teacher and told him and others the wonderful thing of the pot brought by the boy. The village people came to see the surprising phenomenon.

The teacher asked the boy where he had brought the pot from. The boy said that it was his Gopal dada who was living in the forest who had given him the pot. The teacher then said, “Can you show your Gopal dada if I accompany with you?” The boy said, “Why not? Come with me to the forest now.”

The teacher went to the forest with the boy who shouted for Gopal dada. He got no response. Surprised that his elder brother did not appear as usual, the boy then began to shout, Gopal dada, why are you not coming? My teacher will think that I am a liar if you do not come. “A voice relied from a distance, “I cannot come before everybody, my little brother.Tell your teacher that he will see me only if he seeks me in the same way as you sought me a year ago.”

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