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What is Karma Yoga


The Sanskrit word ‘Kri’ means ‘to do’. The instruments to do any work are the body and mind. When the work is done with dedicated mind, it is yoga hence the name karma yoga.  Karma yoga is not just working or doing but it is done with the right attitude (work for work’s sake).

The legend behind Karma Yoga goes like this : Once Satyakama approached sage Gautama to learn Brahma Vidya. The sage sent him away with 400 cows and asked him to take care of them. The boy did his duty sincerely and implicitly obeyed the instructions of the Guru. By doing this seemingly ordinary work, the boy attained spiritual enlightenment. When the boy returned with 1000 cows, the Guru was amazed to see his face bright with “Brahma Tejas” and proclaimed that Satyakama has attained the Supreme Enlightenment.

Therefore if a person does any work with honesty and sincerity he will surely get result for his action done and ultimately attains perfection, which leads to happiness.

To attain this you should follow some rules like being sincere, honest and regular in studies. A tale speaks of importance of the regularity as a means to success.

One day a king announced in his kingdom about a competition. Anyone who can collect 1500 shells of different shapes in a month would get a gift for his regular and hard work.

Everyone thought that it will be very easy to collect shells from river water and waste their time by imagining a lot of time ahead. Meanwhile a young boy started collecting shells from river bed from the first day and continued daily this act.

Others in the kingdom woke up just a few days before the end of the month. They started collecting but to their surprise, very few of them could find out the shells on the river bed. Is it possible to collect 1500 shells each in such a short time? Of course, it’s very difficult.

But the young boy has finished the target with ease in the time given. The king was happy with that boy and gifted him with a bag of gold coins.

Therefore, the importance of regular work which ultimately leads to success.

You can achieve your target by properly planning. So, plan your work and then act upon it. An unpleasant work makes the mind haphazard and disturbs your work. There is a proverb- ‘As you sow, so you reap’. It means as the seeds sown, so shall be the harvest. By regular plan and work, it is easy to concentrate more.))

Another aspect of karma yoga is selfless service, as it is the ultimate help which leads to yoga. There is an instance of the tree. It gives shelter to many though the tree won’t get any benefit by this but it is useful to us. This attitude of the tree is selfless service. Examine the motive of the work always. This is the key to karma yoga.

You can serve others not only with money or with things but even with words. If there is a man with tension and depression, you can help him by your sweet words. The flowers fill the environment with their fragrance. Therefore every small help is sacred, because in helping others, you feel in your heart peace and joy.

Help others who are in need of it, then that help is the real source of joy. But if you help others who are not really in need then that is merely misusing your kindness, which does not come under service. So, think twice before you help. By selfless service the self is purified. By all these deeds you will improve your ‘self’.

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