200 Hrs Yoga TTC With Kalari Course

What is Kalari?

Kerala is a state known to hold its traditional culture very close at heart. Kalaripayattu is one such embodiment of the rich Indian heritage. It is a south-Indian martial art form originally from Kerala and which is still actively being practiced in South India. The martial art has a large influence from Ayurveda and yoga due to its understanding as a holistic teaching. Kalaripayattu does not only target body strengthening or training of fighting movements and defense forms, but is a doctrine for the whole body, mind and soul and thus for the human being in its entirety.

Originating in north Kerala as a martial art form It is considered to be one of the oldest surviving fighting systems still in existence in the world. Interestingly the earliest written evidence of this martial arts form can be found in Dhanurveda a part of Atharvaveda and Rig Veda and has developed into its present form by the 6th century.

Currently, it is receiving a lot of prominence particularly by those seeking to gain internal strength while developing their bodily strength and if your hearing about kalaripayattu for the first time one of the main reasons lay in the philosophy of the art itself. Most people turn to a martial arts form to learn to fight. But the teachers of kalaripayattu emphasize restraint and meditation. The knowledge is meant only for fitness and treatment. There are very few occasions — to defend the helpless — when one is encouraged to use this art against someone. The art is a means to understand how weak the body is. It is also a way to keep fit and rejuvenate your body. The more dangerous techniques are often not taught to students. A martial art masquerading as a rejuvenation technique can only have so many takers. Kalaripayattu also involves detachment from the world, which is quite challenging to attain. It is a form of exercise with a spiritual dimension,  emanating from concentration and self-discipline and employes great muscular coordination.

At Mathatitu Yoga Varkala, we understand the importance of balancing excellent teaching with affordable fees. As a Yoga Alliance accredited residential yoga school in Varkala, Kerala, India, we have the responsibility not only to offer our students the very best standard of learning, but also to keep our fees low,to be able to work towards our aim of making yoga classes accessible to all. Our belief in equality also means that our fees remain the same for both foreigners and Indians.Our main focus is on Hatha Yoga, but we believe in using the strengths from all styles of yoga, and so enable students to practice multi style yoga sessions and postures. We aim to train the students to enable them to teach all styles of yoga, promoting the unity that underpins our ideology.

At Mathatitu Yoga we believe that an early bird is a bird worth rewarding. Our excellent 28 day residential course package, including accommodation in Varkala Beach, food, course materials, and the yoga teaching certificate is priced at just $800 for the first four students to apply each month. The fees thereafter return to the standard $1100.

Asana, Pranayama
Bandhas, Mudras
Kriyas, Meditation
Preparations for teaching
Yoga anatomy and physiology
Yoga philosophy, Life style and ethics
Introduction to Ayurveda
Introduction to Yoga therapy
Mind power Training
5.30 amWake up
6.00 amHerbal Tea
6.30 amMeditation
7.00 amAsana Practice
9.00 amBreakfast
10.00 amKarma Yoga
11.00 amYoga philosophy/Alignment/teaching practice
1.00 pmLunch
2.30 pmYoga philosophy/anatomy/ physiology
5.00 pmAsana practice
7.00 pmSupper
8.30 pmMeditation, chanting & self study
10.30 pmLights out

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