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    The Mind Is Everything,What you think, you become
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    Yoga Is the Journey Of Self

Who We Are

Here at Mathatitu Ashram in Varkala, Trivandrum, Kerala, we believe that the ultimate aim of yoga is to reach freedom through the journey of self. Each one of us is unique, and we believe that through personal awareness, this can be reflected in our individual practice sessions. Founded in 2014 by Yogacharya Anoopananda, Mathatitu Yoga Varkala seeks to teach, enrich, and invigorate, all within the stunning surroundings of Varkala Beach. All we ask you to bring to the class is a fun, positive attitude, and a sincere desire to learn yoga.

Located on the rooftop of Hill Top Beach Resort, Varkala (see map) with arguably the best views over Varkala Beach, our main yogshala is in one of the most beautiful locations in Southern India. Mathatitu Ashram is situated just minutes from the Yogshala and offers a calm oasis for students to stay during their course. We provide Yoga Teacher Training Courses (TTC) and regular yoga courses and retreats in our Ashram with ayurveda and philosophical classes .Come rejuvenate yourself.

Why Mathatitu

Yoga Teacher Training Varkala

Yoga is a proven tool to protect and prevent people from diseases. It is our belief that prevention is better than cure and that daily yoga practice can keep us physically, mentally and spiritually healthy and happy. Mathatitu Yoga Ashram in Varkala is a Yoga Alliance accredited residential yoga school founded by Yogacharya Anoopananda in 2014 that provides the best yoga classes and yoga teacher training courses in Kerala. His primary vision was to combine the best of the west with the best of the east. He believes that we can bring all nations together to make a better world, where all its people can live a peaceful happy life together in harmony.Ayurveda and philosophy classes add more charm to it.

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Mission & Vision

At Mathatitu Varkala, Trivandrum, we believe in the power of unity. We believe that in bringing together all branches of yoga exercises, we can create strength of knowledge and enrich each individual's learning and practice. Our mission is to bring nations together, promoting peace and happiness through a sense of togetherness. We believe that each one of us has the capacity to change the world, and that through the power of love and yoga, we can help try and achieve that goal.

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Mathatitu yoga

Hill Top Beach Resort, Middle cliff beach,

Varkala, Kerala, India


mathatituyoga@gmail.com, anooplg@gmail.com

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Our Courses

1:- Hatha Yoga
2:- Mathatitu Yoga(Kundalini variations)
3:- Ashtanga Vinyasa
4:- Yogic Healing Workshop
5:- 200 hrs Yoga Teachers Training Programme
6:- Yoga Retreat
7:- Yoga and Ayurveda Retreat

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Yogacharya Anoopananda

Our 200 Hrs Yoga TTC Programme

yoga ttc varkala kerala

Our 28 day certified residential yoga teacher training course (TTC) at our centre in Varkala,Kerala will prepare students to learn and teach yoga asanas (postures) and meditation, using a step by step method underpinned by yoga philosophies and other related subjects. Our focus is not just to provide merely a Yoga Alliance Certification but to create a teacher who has a deep practical understanding of the yoga they wish to teach. Throughout the course we will endeavour to develop the student's understanding of the need for self-practice. By the end of the course, the student will have the ability and confidence to teach at both beginner and advanced levels.

At Mathatitu Yoga in Varkala, Kerala, we understand the importance of balancing excellent teaching with affordable fees. As a Yoga Alliance accredited residential yoga school, we have the responsibility not only to offer our students the very best standard of learning, but also to keep our fees low,to be able to work towards our aim of making yoga classes accessible to all. Our belief in equality also means that our fees remain the same for both foreigners and Indians alike.Our main focus is on Hatha Yoga, but we believe in using the strengths from all styles of yoga, and so enable students to practice multi style yoga sessions and postures. We aim to train the students to enable them to teach all styles of yoga, promoting the unity that underpins our ideology.All training sessions will be conducted in our centre located by the shores of the aesthetic Varkala Beach, a renowned tourist destination in Kerala, India.

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