Balanced and nutritious diet forms the basis for the nourishment of mind and body. Mathatitu Yoga Ashram offers the purest vegetarian food, three times a day during your stay in our Ashram. Carefully cooked foods with traditional ingredients offering amazing healing properties are provided to you in correct proportion. We hire specially trained chefs for our yoga students and trainers.

Breakfast includes light and protein-rich foods such as porridge, bread-toast, salads, sprouts, nuts along with tea, coffee, and fresh fruit juices. The lunch features a traditional Indian Ayurvedic Thali with rice, chapati, lentils, vegetables, salads, and yogurt. The dinner is a combination of Ayurvedic food and cooked vegetables, raw salad, fruits, and herbal tea.


About Food:

  • Home cooked healthy organic meals 3 times a day and energy drinks.
  • Vegetarian, Gluten free and Vegan is also available.
  • Clean filtered water is available.
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