Yoga Ayurveda Retreats


Our yoga ayurveda retreats include:

      • 2 hour ayurveda treatments/massage
      • 2 yoga asana sessions
      • 1 philosophy and meditation session
      • Doctor consultation
      • Medication (at extra cost, only if required).

We provide 3 ayurvedic meals (vegetarian) – morning 10’o clock, afternoon 01’o clock and at evening 06:30.

We have rooms starting from standard non-AC to luxury sea view AC rooms. The prices vary from $15 to $50 according to the type of room chosen.

A one-to-one personal consultation session with doctors can be arranged if needed.

N.B.: Airport pickup can be arranged from Trivandrum airport (view direction here) which is the nearest one to our Ashram.

Ayurveda Massage/Treatments
(2 hours per day)
$20 to $30 
(based on the type of treatment)
Yoga $10/day
Food $10/day
Stay $15 to $50
(based on the type of room chosen)



WEEKS PRICING (based on type of room chosen) Pay Advance
1 Week $385 to $700
2 Week $700 to $1300
3 Week $1050 to $1900
4 Week $1200 to $2400
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