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About Us


Yoga is a proven tool to protect and prevent people from diseases. It is our belief that prevention is better than cure and that daily yoga practice can keep us physically, mentally and spiritually healthy.Mathatitu Yoga Ashram at Varkala, Kerala, India is a Yoga Alliance accredited residential yoga school founded by Yogacharya Anoopananda in 2014 that provides the best yoga classes and yoga teacher training courses in Trivandrum, Kerala. His primary vision was to combine the best of the west with the best of the east. In focusing on spreading the knowledge of yoga, he believes that we can bring all nations together to make a better world, where all its people, regardless of race, religion or nationality can live a peaceful happy life together in harmony.Ayurveda and philosophy classes add more charm to it.

Yogacharya Anoopananda and the rest of our team are making all efforts to provide a low cost but high quality residential yoga teacher training course at our ashram in Varkala, Trivandrum. It is important to us to be able to provide quality training classes for all prospective students, irrespective of wealth. We believe that cost should never be a deterrent for someone who wants to learn and do all we can to keep the cost of the training course low and cheap. As part of our mission to bring love and yoga to the wider world, we are aiming to create branches elsewhere in other parts of Kerala, other states in India and Internationally rather than just confining it to just Trivandrum in Kerala.


Yoga is an ancient discipline founded in India, and considered a practical aid rather than a religion. The word Yoga comes from the Sanskrit word Yuj, meaning union, and aims to explore body, mind and spirit by systematically stretching and strengthening muscles of the body, thus increasing blood circulation to internal organs and glands. As well as making the physical body flexible and strong, continued practice of yoga will promote emotional stability and clarity, vitality, deep relaxation, and peace of mind.

The ultimate aim of yoga practice is self development and self realization. Once learned, yoga can be used as a tool to enable the yogi to to align and balance their body. As we are all well aware, old age can bring about various illnesses and diseases.


  • Hatha YogaTraditional

    Time: 8.30am

  • Ashtanga Vinyasa (Primary series)

    Time: 8.30am (Studio B)

  • Hatha Flow

    Time: 4.00pm

  • Ashtanga Vinyasa (Secondary Series)

    Time: 6.00pm


  • No Drinking and Smoking permitted in the yoga camp or in its premises
  • Maintain silence and discipline inside the yoga center
  • Respect your teachers and fellow students and maintain a cordial relationship throughout
  • Be present in the yoga center in time
  • Only vegetarian food and dishes are allowed inside the Ashram
  • If you have any complaints or suggestions, kindly bring it to the notice of the management and they will take care of the rest